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Johnny & Team

Johnny started his career in food way back in high school at a local pizza shop.

Unlike your average pizza delivery high schooler, years later he took that passion and learned traditional technique while cooking at some of Boston's best restaurants. You may have already enjoyed his food at Barbara Lynch's The Butcher Shop, T.W. Food, or Belly Wine Bar to name just a few. 

After years in industry, Johnny left the restaurant kitchen to challenge himself as a co-founder of a Food Tech company, Corporate Consumer Goods Consultant, and Personal Chef.

Through these experiences he built a portfolio of small event clients that have helped him to launch Johnny Burke Catering & Consulting. 

Depending on the size of your event, you'll often interact with Johnny's Team. From chef friends he's met in the kitchens of Boston, to bartenders and servers from some of his favorite places you will be in great hands. 


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